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Writing Woman
I haven't written a fanfic since last smutty-claus challenge.  Felt like a nice opportunity to do a little writing for fun.  My entire life can't be about work and running the kids around to their activities.
17th-May-2014 01:25 pm - New Friends Page
I could live with the new friends page, except that every time I link to another site and try to come back it takes me to the top of the feed, rather than the one I was reading.   Does anyone have an answer for this??  Did this post even make sense to anyone???
16th-Apr-2014 11:38 pm - Game 2048 - Harry Potter Version
My student worker has been wasting time this week playing a very addictive game called 2048.  I found a site that lets you 'customize' the game.  So here is a Harry Potter version using art from deviantART.
8th-Jan-2014 09:51 pm - Fic: Ron/Hermione - The Break-Up
Ron and Hermione Kiss
Reveals for smutty_claus was today, so I can now share the fic I wrote.

Title: The Break-Up
Pairing: Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius
Summary: Their daughter’s love life inspires Ron and Hermione to relive the outcome of their break-up.
Rating: R
Length: 1752
Warnings: N/A
Author's notes: This was inspired and borrows a few lines from Justin Helpern’s, I Suck at Girls & The Sh*t My Dad Says. Big thanks to my Beta, B, who worked under a very unreasonable deadline. I hope it met both the humor and kink prompts requested by shy_of_reality.

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I also encourage you to go read the fic I received from bitchet. It's a triangle fic with rose/scorpius, rose/albus entitled: Live for the Moment.
2nd-Jan-2014 10:29 pm - HP: Year in Review
Writing Woman
I barely cracked 2000 words this year in HP fan-fiction writing. I haven't been inspired and it is probably a good indication that my fic writing days are over except for the odd exchange/drabble.

This year's stories were:

1. Turning Tables - Part II, Rose/Scorpius - Fic (800 words)
2. Fic for Smutty Claus exchange, X/X - (XXXX words) - I'll update this once the reveals occur

I only completed 1/2 of my 2013 writing resolutions.

2013 Writing Resolutions
1. Finish Dragon and Rose
2. Finish Turning Tables

2014 Writing Resolutions
1. Finish The Dragon and the Rose

I actually think I can do it this year. I've been stuck on what to do after the last chapter, but now I know what I need to have happen. Just need to write it.
1st-Dec-2013 10:31 am - Beta needed....
Ron and Hermione Kiss
Anyone have time to beta a R rated Ron/Hermione fic? I promised to have it turned in to the fest tonight so it would need to be a really quick turn around like by 10 pm (EST). Word count is 1700.
23rd-Nov-2013 11:36 pm - Disturbing Romance Imagery
Smut It Up
I recently read Sara Wood's Threat of Possession which was a pretty dismal read with its Alpha hero who is constantly saying stuff about how he is going to make the heroine want him sexually when he isn't trying to run her out of town.

However, the most yucky passage was when the heroine see the following sight - which gets her all turned on.

Yesterday she'd seen two slow worms entwined on a bed of moss. A bolt of desire plunged through her as her treacherous brain filled with the image of herself and Ethan, their naked limbs imprisoning each other.

Two entwined worms causing bolts of desire??? Seriously... she couldn't do better than that?
Rose and Scorpius
Recipient: i_am_girlfriday
Title: Turning Tables - COMPLETED
Author/Artist: drcjsnider
Pairing(s): Rose/Scorpius
Rating: PG -13
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1753
Summary: Rose and Scorpius are competitive and now they are both working at the Leaky Cauldron .
Author’s/Artist's notes: I started writing this for i_am_girlfriday’s birthday in 2011 and posted half of it in 2012. I finally finished it this week. I’m such a bum.

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27th-Jul-2013 02:08 pm - Quote 12
I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality. - Alice Paul

Today most people don't question the idea that men and women should have equal rights under the law. Even the U.S. military (one of the final holdouts) recently expressed openness to the idea of women in combat roles. The idea of an equal rights amendment, however, completely divided and broke apart the post-suffrage women's rights movement of the 1920s and 1930s. While women like Paul and Doris Stevens embraced the concept of equality for men and women under the law. Other women's rights activists including Eleanor Roosevelt did not support an equal rights amendment because it would have invalidated all the protective legislation that had been passed to protect working women (i.e. there were minimum wage laws for women at the time, but not for men, etc.). The disagreement between women about equal rights was so virulent that activist women on different sides of the issue actively worked to undermine the activities and causes of the other. Keeping the movement weak and fractured until the end of the 1960s. Although Paul and the equal rights supporters proved to be right for the future, I sympathize with those who were worried about working women before there were universal protections for all workers.

Alice Paul
24th-Jul-2013 11:47 pm - Quote 11
I'm in Boston this week doing research at the women's history archives at Harvard. So I decided to make my next group of 10 quotes from early feminists. I'm going to start with one of my favorite women Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She hit the nail on the head when she wrote:

Woman's discontent increases in exact proportion to her development. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

There haven't been very many times in my life that I've been told I couldn't do something ONLY because of my sex.  But the few times it has happened left me when I was younger sad and when I was older outraged.  I can easily imagine the indignation that the women who met for the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 must of felt knowing that just because they were women most colleges & professions were closed to them, that if they married they lost control over all their property and wages to their husbands, and that like children they were not considered 'independent' enough to have a say in political affairs.  I'm absurdly glad that women's like Stanton took it upon themselves to demand better and fairer treatment for women.

21st-Jul-2013 11:50 pm - Quote 10
I was in Lowell, MA today and while visiting a historical mill museum I discovered that Lowell is also the site of Jack Kerouac's grave.  I've never been someone who goes on pilgrimages to the graves of the famous, but I decided to make an exception today.

Jack Kerouac"s Grave

I think what made me visit is that I wanted to visit the same grave that Bob Dylan and  Alan Ginsburg visited together in 1975.  I like stepping along the same path as historical figures.  It also gives me a chance to do my final rock and roll quote for my 100 things challenge.

“I came out of the wilderness and just naturally fell in with the Beat scene, the bohemian, Be Bop crowd, it was all pretty much connected.  It was Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg, Corso, Ferlinghetti … I got in at the tail end of that and it was magic … it had just as big an impact on me as Elvis Presley.”- Bob Dylan, 1985

Dylan and Ginsberg
21st-Jul-2013 04:42 pm - I can probably live with this....

Your result for The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test...

Minerva McGonagall

“We teachers are rather good at magic, you know.”

You are Minerva McGonagall, the Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts and Headmistress in Dumbledore’s absence. Professor McGonagall is rational, high-strung, and somewhat overbearing. She is quick to state her opinions, but does so in a sharp and subtle way. Like most distinguished women, she can be snooty and critical towards other people, frequently using logic as a way of deducing those around her. This characteristic isn’t so surprising; being older and more experienced causes her to take a leadership role in almost any given situation, and many look to her for guidance because of this. You and McGonagall are similar in the sense that both of you are a bit uptight and set in your ways. You are unafraid of hurting others’ feelings, but it would be wrong to say that you are coldhearted. Reserved is a better word. Most of the time you come off as frigid and distant, even when you’re in a good mood. It is likely that a strict upbringing infused those traits within you, causing you to become a disciplinarian. Your detached personality often confuses people into thinking that you are a total drag, but they just need to appeal to your good side before they can see it. Not everyone is worthy anyway.

In short, you are more:

Cautious than impulsive
Mature than immature
Arrogant than modest
Normal than weird
Extroverted than introverted

Your polar opposite is Peter Pettigrew.

Take The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test at HelloQuizzy

20th-Jul-2013 10:14 pm - Who I Ship… Top 10
Stole this idea from vegetasbubble, but under the cut are 10 of my favorite ships.
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final commission noir

I had known from the minute she’d walked into the office that life as I formerly understood it was over. From here on out, the most colorful village fair or the most idyllic natural landscape would never appear as vibrant unless she was there. It wasn’t just her creamy white skin or the red hair that seemed to snap with her every movement; it was the sheer force of her personality that made everything else in the room pale in comparison.

Mind you there was nothing in my dingy office that provided much competition. I’d been in business for over two years and was only hanging on to my lease thanks to a couple of referrals by a mate in the Ministry. What I needed was a big break, a wealthy client with an impossible case that took me months to crack and provided the income and the recognition I lacked.

I sat with eyes closed, feet propped on the desk, dreaming about my imaginary future when she strolled into the office.

“Mr. Malfoy?” Her husky, low voice made my gut clench. “I need your help.”
12th-May-2013 01:04 pm - M-Day and Rose/Scorpius Love
Happy M-Day to the mothers on my flist! I'm going to spend my mother's day getting my finals grading done. It has to be turned in by tomorrow at 10 a.m. so can't slack too much.

I did get a great gift from kittylefish this morning. She wrote me a Scorpius/Rose drabble based on my prompt victorious. You should go read it and leave her some love!

Title: Sweet Victory
Author: kittylefish
Rating: G

I've had a couple of updates to the sketch on my Rose and Scorpius noir-style commission.

Here is the first one -


I think Scorpius looks great and Rose looks classy, but I liked her curly hair in the first sketch better. So here is the final approved version.


Now I just wait for it to get colored. So excited.
14th-Apr-2013 11:09 am - Art Comission - Scorpius/Rose
So I'm buying an art commission from verauko on deviantART. She is going to do a 'film noir feel' with an upper body pose. Here is the preview sketch she sent me.


Scorpius isn't going to stay shirtless - he'll been in a suit. It should have a cool 30s/40s feel to it when it is all done. So excited. :)
5th-Mar-2013 08:08 pm - English to English to Everyone Else
I have it on the best authority that this is fairly accurate.

28th-Feb-2013 10:10 pm - So clever....
Draco with Truck

This type of thing always makes me laugh.
29th-Jan-2013 09:41 pm - Who thought this was a good idea?
So I was looking for a good ebook to read, when I stumbled across this one. The cover really caught my eye. Do you see what I see?


That's right she's got her hand in pocket. It can't be THAT cold, she isn't wearing a coat. Is she going for his keys? If she is trying to feel him up? He doesn't seem to be THAT interested. Maybe there is nothing in there? Dunno... Do you have any clue what is going on with her hand?

19th-Jan-2013 07:18 pm - Plagiarism Update
So Xlibris forwarded about my report about Donna Sturborne's "Painful Pleasures" being a plagiarized version of the harlequin romance "A Lasting Kind of Love" by Catherine Spencer to Donna and this was her reply to me:

"I received an email from Xlibris that a complaint was filed against my book. This book was written some years ago for fun with the help of a friend based on an idea she had. I dont believe any of the books were sold, or I should say I have not received any money from the sale of the book to date. I am agreeing that Xlibris should pull it from their site for sale until I resolve this.

I love writing and reading, but have not read the book you referenced in your email. I noted the name of the book and will make sure to look into it.

Thank you for taking an interest in this matter and if you wish I will get back to you. I am copying Xlibris on this email.


I don't believe her at ALL. I also noticed that "Painful Pleasures" was being sold on Google Books. I emailed Google and Harlequin about it. I'm tempted to go looking for more of Donna Sturborne's books to see whether or not this is a habit of hers.
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